Welcome to the X-ray Quantum Optics group!

X-rays are photons with very short wavelengths in the Angstrom range and have very desirable properties. They carry a large momentum, are robust, have exceptional penetration depth, good detection efficiency and remarkable focusing potential, far from any practical diffraction-limit constraint. However, at present the degree of control over x-ray photons is far from what has been achieved at optical frequencies. Our group is working on new approaches to achieve quantum control of x-rays.

In addition to x-ray quantum control, further research topics include atomic and nuclear processes in laser-generated plasmas, the 229Th nuclear clock, and laser-nucleus reactions. Visit our research page!



After Adriana and Tobias, also the website is moving to Würzburg. Thus, this is the last post on this address. For updates about our group, you can now visit the Würzburg website.

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Recently, Tobias defended this master's thesis called "Nuclear coherent population transfer in 229Th" successfully. The thesis deals with two indirect approaches to excite first excited state of 229Th at 8.19 eV. Parts of his manuscript were also published in Physical Review C. After his well des...

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