After a long time and very successful collaboration, Dr. Yuanbin Wu has left for a professorship at the Nankai university in Tianjin, China. We wish Yuanbin all the best for his new start and hope to stay in touch!

On the 4th of July, Adriana will hold her  inaugural lecture in the framework of the Physics Colloquium at the university of Würzburg. The talk will be about "Quantum dynamics of atomic nuclei: From taming x-rays to measuring time". Further information about location and time can be found her...

Our paper with Yuanbin was just published in Physical Review Letters. It reports on "Dynamical control of nuclear isomer depletion via electron vortex beams". So if you are interested in modern aspects and applications of nuclear physics, feel free to take a look at our paper. The publication is ...

Adriana and Tobias participated in the workshop "100 Years of Nuclear Isomers"  from 2-4 May 2022 in Berlin. Besides very good catering, interesting talks and discussions about the landscape of nuclear physics were on the agenda. An overview of the workshop's contents can be found here.

We have big news! Adriana is going to take up a W2 professorship at the Julius-Maximilians-Universität of Würzburg starting from the first of April.  The focus of this professorship lies on theoretical quantum information and quantum optics. We are happy for you and wish you all the best.

For some time now, our postdoc Pavlo Bilous has been working at the Max Planck Institute for the Science of Light. Starting with December 1st, he has moved from Heidelberg to Erlangen ! Hopefully, you have settled in well in Franconia !

As part of the QuCoLiMa collaboration, Leon Lohse from the university of Göttingen visits our institute until Friday, the 19th of November. He will work with Petar on collective interactions in waveguides. Apart from productive work, we wish you a nice stay in Erlangen and hope to see you again.

From the beginning of October until the end of November, Nikolay Minkov stays in Erlangen to work with Adriana on several topics. Besides insightful discussions, we wish you a remaining great visit and hope you will visit us soon again !

Starting with August 1st, Petar has moved from Heidelberg to Erlangen and is now often in his B3 office. Let us hope that life at the institute will soon become more vivid after a long period of home office and empty corridors. We need a coffee solution soon!

At the end of July, Brenden left us after five years of PhD and PostDoc to return to Nova Scotia. Thank you for the great time and the cool results on Thorium in VUV-transparent crystals! We wish you all the best for the new start in industry!